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2021 Beginner's Guide: What is a Domain Name and How Does it Work?

Many people know the domain name, but what is a domain name? Many people do not know where to use it and how to do it. Today's post is for those who don't know about domains.

What is Domain Name

Domain is a specific place or web address. If you want to enter a web site, you have to search for its web address or domain name in Google, but you can enter that site.

For example, if you search our site, you must provide our address, and this address is the domain. This is exactly what the domain looks like (www.suspense24.com).

Why use a domain

In fact, those who want to use the wordprees or blogger web site, they need a domain. Because wordprees or blogger does not have a subdomain, so you have to buy a subdomain from different organizations.

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What is a Top Level Domain

The top level domain is to be purchased with a certain amount of payment and for that you have to pay a certain amount every year. Top level domains are buying WordPress and Blogger to approve Google AdSense for revenue.exp:- .Com .org .xyz .net

What is a free domain

Free domain means free domain for those domains that do not require any payment. Those who want to start a new wordprees and blogger and you have no idea about all these can use free domain.

However, you will not be able to earn income with it, but after fully learning, you can earn income with adsense approval by purchasing a top level domain.exp:- .ml .ga .tk .cf

Where to buy a domain

Domain purchase You can buy from different domain organization sites. Domain is available today for around  1 dollar, if you don't have dollars you can purchase from your own country through mobile banking. The estimated price of some domains I would say may be more or less.

  • .Com Domain price-$6.98/yr
  • .net Domain price-$9.88/yr
  • .org Domain price-$9.17
  • .xyz Domain price-$1.00/yr
  • .info Domain price-$3.17

How to buy a domain

To buy a domain, you need to go to any of Google's domain sales companies and enter the name. If it shows that there is a domain with this name, you can buy it.

If it does not show that there is no domain with this name, you can buy it by adding a number to that name.For example :-( www.suspense24.com) You can't buy this domain of mine if you want.

Searching by typing this name will show that they do not have a domain with this name because this domain has been purchased.The same person cannot use multiple domains with the same name.

If you like this name, search for suspense 26,28,50,46 instead of exp:suspense 24 or (your preferred name) and you will see that the domain with this name is included.But buy a domain with the name of your choice.

What Is Dns Domain Name System

Domain Name System (DNS) is a type of technology that manages users from multiple websites and Internet sites.

For example, let's say the entry in the mobile phone book where we identify each number with the person's name. Similarly it checks your DNS records and then tells your computer where the web site is.

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