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Today's topic is how to make money from bloggers, the whole idea will be given in this post. Many people have a question, is it really possible to make money from bloggers. The answer is yes, friends, but you can earn money from blogging. So let's know the details about the whole thing.

How to create a blogger account

To create a Blogger account you need to search Google by typing,Then create your blog by clicking and sing up with Gmail ID.Then click Create a new blog, select your blogger name and click next,And in the previous part of, if you click save with the name of your blogger in place of the address, your blogger account will be created.

How to install theme in Blogger

To install a theme on Blogger you need to click on the theme option in Blogger and right in the middle you will see three ... icons next to My theme and after clicking on it click restore then install the theme from your desktop by clicking upload.After installing the theme, design according to your choice, but it is better to design in a simple way.

Which theme to use for bloggers

Bloggers need to use seo mobile friendly responsive themes, because these themes have a good speed so Google ranks very quickly.seo mobile friendly Many themes you can find by searching Google.However,

the general theme approves adsense very quickly, so try In general, to use theme design and good theme.I will name 2 themes. You can use this theme if you want.
  • minima colored 3 template
  • palki 2 template

You can use these two templates by checking on YouTube and always checking before using any thing.

Why subdomains are purchased

You have to buy a subdomain after creating Blogger because adsense approval is not available in free domain,So buy a top level subdomain exp :-( .Com .xyz .org  ).You can buy a domain for dollar 1, if you do not have a master record, you can buy a domain from your own country.

Here are some tips to help you get started to blogger

There are some things you need to know to write a blog post.You must first select a topic that you will post to,The post must be completely written by you, no copy can be pasted,However, since you are new to Blogger, you can write other people's posts by looking at them,

but don't copy them directly. You need to write better quality posts like this one.Always write unique posts and write posts of 500-1000 words or more,Because big posts rank in Google very quickly.

Note all the things before applying adsense

After creating a blogger, everyone aims to make money so that no one notices the content, copies and pastes from any place and applies for adsense, so adsense is not approved.

Before applying adsense, keep 20-30 posts and try to write a post of 500-1000 words or more,And you will apply after some tropics come to Blogger,because if you don't have tropics, you will not be able to get good income even after getting adsense approval.

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