why domain not working some seo tool

Welcome to our new post, today's topic why domain not working some seo tool.And I had my own problem in today's post about what causes it and why,I will try to give you ideas about the way I did it. I hope this post will be useful.


The problem is that dns management does not have a record

The new custom domain we buy for Blogger or Wordpress does not work in different places.For example, many times you will see that your domain is searched in a Small seo tool or seo checker tool, you will see this text comes Alert! Input Site is not valid!.
As a result, we become very worried about how to solve this problem, so we watch a lot of YouTube videos and contact the place where the domain is bought.But many times they do not get such a good service.
This is because the bloggers or wordprees who are new to us don't have much experience so we can't put the a blog and cname record of the blogger in the DNS management of the domain in the right place which causes this problem.

how to fix dns management missing a record problems

To resolve a record issue, you must first login to the domain hosting company from which you purchased the domain,Go to the control panel of the domain to see if there is a cname record and a record,

If there is a record then there is no need to give and if there is a missing one then you have to give.If a record of DNS management is not provided,


However, by clicking on the settings option of Blogger and clicking on the Custom domain option, if you enter any number with your domain name, you will see that the text below the domain has turned red.

And in that red part there will be a link. Copy this link and the address var will be given in Google. If you search in that place, it will take you to a new page. There will be a record code in this page. If you go to dns management and paste this code, the problem will be solved.

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