How to get the Community tab in YouTube 2020

How to get the Community tab in YouTube

Many have wondered how to enable the Community tab on YouTube.So today's post will explain how the YouTube Community tab works and How to get the Community tab in YouTube.

How to enable community tabs on your YouTube

How to get community tab on youtube? To get the Community Tab, you first need to have 1k subscribers on YouTube, and even if you have less than one thousand subscribers, you won't get the Community Tab.You must subscribe to 1k then you will be able to tab community.

Many people become interested in getting community tabs right after they become 1k subscribers, so they get scared if the community tabs are not enabled on YouTube in two-three days and start watching various videos on YouTube.

On YouTube, the community provides individual information about tabs,Some say to e-mail the YouTube team and some say to send feedback,As a result we fall into a state of confusion.

Actually, but you don't have to do anything,It takes a few days to calculate after you have 1k subscribers on YouTube, it will show you the exact subscribers but it takes time to send it to YouTube.

As a result, you get the Community tab when it counts.If, unfortunately, the Community tab is not enabled, you can contact the YouTube team, but take this step after waiting three weeks.

How to increase views and watchtime use the YouTube Community tab

The Community tab will help you increase your YouTube channel videos and watch time.You can notify your subscribers in advance by posting videos and pictures on your YouTube Channel Community tab.As a result, it is very easy to interact with the audience with community posts.

How to use after enable YouTube Community tab

After enabling the YouTube Community tab, you can increase your YouTube channel views using three methods.Such as:- video, poll, image.

VIDEO:-Click on this option to see the three options video search, url, your youtube video.

  • Video Search:-This option lets you search for any type of video and post it in your Community tab.If you want, you can increase the view by posting videos of your other YouTube channels.

  • URL:-If you copy the url of any video and search in this option, this video will come in front of you.You can post this video community tab using the url of any video.

  • Your YouTube video: -With this option you will get many videos from your youtube channel so you can post any you like.
POLL:-By voting on this option you can show a list of video topics to your subscribers' preferences,As a result, you can upload the topic video that will get more votes.Moreover, you can go to the last video list by voting which video subscribers liked the most.

IMAGE:-You can edit the thumbnail or picture of the topic you made the video and post the link with details in this option.Use image editor Use software,Moreover, you can find many software for online, android mobile phone and desktop by searching on Google or YouTube.

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