How to get the Community tab in YouTube 2021 || Suspense 24 Explain Full Details

How to get the Community tab in YouTube 2021
For those who haven't been able to launch the Youtube Community tab yet or don't know how to launch it. After reading this post, you will get all kinds of information on how to launch the community tab and what can be done this community tab.

How to Enable Community Tabs on Your YouTube

You must complete a 1k subscription to launch the Youtube community tab. if you have a subscription of less than 1k, this community will not let you turn on the tab youtube.

YouTube will enable the Community tab within 3 weeks of you becoming a 1k subscriber. And if you are not able to YouTube within two-three days after becoming a 1k subscriber, then there is no need to worry. In fact, once this is done, it takes some time to process, so it takes some time from the Community tab.

And if you see that the community tab hasn't been launched on YouTube after 3 weeks, you can contact the YouTube team and let them know about your problem and they'll fix it right away.

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How to increase the view and watch time of your YouTube channel with Community Tab.

The Community tab After you launch your YouTube channel, you can increase the channel's view and watch time. When you post something in this Community tab, it will go in the form of a notification to the subscribers in your channel, so clicking on this post or video will increase the view of your channel. Moreover, you can increase the viewing time by re-sharing the old videos among the subscribers.

How to use after enabling the YouTube Community tab

Below is a look at how the YouTube Community tab uses video, poll, and image, and how to use them to improve your YouTube channel.
VIDEO:- After clicking on the YouTube Community tab, you will first see the video options. And inside this video option, you will find three more options, the options are Video Search, URL, and YouTube video. Now learn how to use them.
  • Video Search:- In the Video Search option, if you search for any word or the name of your other YouTube channel, all the videos of that channel will come in front of you, then you can select the video you want to send from this video to the subscribers and send it as a notification.
  • URL:  If you search for the URL of the video of any channel other than your YouTube channel in the URL option, this video will come up. You can select this video and send it to your viewers.
  • Your YouTube Video:- In the Your YouTube Video option you will find all the latest videos from your YouTube and you can select the videos from this place and send them to the subscribers.
POLL:- In the POLL option you can find out which video or topic they like among all the subscribers of your YouTube channel by voting in this option. Plus, you'll be getting to know what your upcoming video will look like or what customers want to see.

IMAGE:- In the image option, you can let your customers know by posting something with your upcoming video or any information in the form of pictures.

Let us know in the comments how you like the information enabled in your YouTube Community tab, and stay tuned for more information.

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