blogger vs wordpress which is better for beginners 2020


The first choice for those who are thinking of opening a website is WordPress vs Blogger. There is a question in the minds of many that Blogger will not be good and WordPress will be good. Today's post is for those who are hesitant about Blogger and WordPress.

This post will give you complete information about Blogger vs WordPress and which is better for beginners 2020. We hope you enjoy this post.

First we will discuss Blogger and describe who Blogger is for and its benefits. Blogger will be best for those who want to create a new website and have very little money. 

Because if you just buy a domain from Blogger, you can create a website and use the free blogger templates to make money through advertising by approving AdSense.

Now let’s come to what are the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger

The first advantage of Blogger is that it requires less money. All you have to do is buy a domain and the rest of the template is available for free, so there is no need to spend money for the template.

The biggest problem with Blogger is that you have to go to HTML code to customize it which is annoying. If you want to change the color, size, or design of the Blogger template, you need to go to the HTML code.

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Why WordPress is the best

The most popular site for creating a website is WordPress. With WordPress you can create a professional quality website. WordPress is best for those who are thinking about a website for the future and thinking about earning a living with it.

Those who want to use WordPress have to spend a lot of money. First you need to purchase a domain,Second you need to buy a hosting with SSL certificate and buy a template.

You can use free-tremplate in WordPress if you want, depending on your customization of what your website will look like.

In WordPress you can design as you wish, from the footer to the menu category, you can design the template as you wish.

WordPress for Whom Blogger for Whom

Those who are starting a new website are better off with Blogger. Because since you are new, there is no need to waste a lot of money, just by purchasing a domain on Blogger you can first earn income with AdSense approval on Blogger.

Because if you don't have experience with WordPress, spending so much money on WordPress will fail you.WordPress costs several times more than Blogger.

So if you already use Blogger, you won't have much of a problem using WordPress.Once in a while you have to come to WordPress from Blogger. Because you can't earn income from Blogger for a long time.

WordPress has different plugins so you can control various problems on your website through plugins.

Tips for those who are new to web sites

For those who have no idea about Blogger or WordPress, start Blogger with Blogger Free Domain.

Because since you have never worked at Blogger before, you may have no idea about Blogger, so buy a free domain and start with a Blogger account.

And you can use Blogger by buying a domain after learning about how to write an article, how to do SEO and also there are different types of blogger options.

Tips for those who are new to WordPress

For those who have used Blogger but are thinking of coming to WordPress, you should first get a free hosting and create a website by connecting a free domain to it.

When you come to WordPress from Blogger, practice first with this free account .When you think you can run WordPress, you can start WordPress by purchasing a hosting and domain.

Then buy WordPress domain and hosting knowing how to write posts in WordPress, how to do SEO, what works for which plugin.

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