Youtube New Update Monetization Enable On Bangladesh,Sri Lanka and Nepal

Youtube New Update Monetization Enable On Bangladesh,Sri Lanka and Nepal

Finally, YouTube came up with its new update. YouTube users are always waiting to see when a new YouTube update will come out and how it will benefit and harm them.

And this time the update is about the monetization of the three countries for which they have been waiting for many years. According to Creator Insider, Youtube New Update Monetization Enable On Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, And Nepal.

Creator Insider informed the users about this on 16 Dec 2020 through their YouTube channel video. So those who earn from YouTube from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal do not have to Monetize their country by keeping their YouTube channel location in another country. Now they can keep the Location in their own country and turn on Monetization.

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The way these three countries were monetized before

Before this update, users could not Officially launch YouTube Monetization directly from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. This does not mean that they did not make money by monetizing YouTube.

Since Monetization could not be officially launched in these three countries then, in the country where YouTube Monetization was officially launched, Monetization was done with the location of their channel.

And Google Adsense supports all these countries. As a result, when YouTube met all the requirements for monetization, the channel was monetized with this AdSense.

Why YouTube turned on Monetization in these three countries

youtube was Launched on 14 February 2005. And at first, YouTube didn't have many users. At first, there were few users, so many people didn't know what YouTube was and how it works.

Especially in small countries, because then the Technology was not so advanced and now everyone did not have the benefits of Smart Mobile and the Internet. So YouTube only officially monetizes the country in which the user was more.

YouTube currently has over 2 Billion users. And this video of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal has become very popular now. Moreover, many videos in these countries have exceeded 100 Million, so maybe YouTube has officially monetized these countries.


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