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How to delete data from your lost or stolen device
Mobile plays an important role in our lives. Nowadays, people do not spend as much time with their family or friends as they do with mobile.

In a word, mobile works almost like breathing, it works without good food but life without mobile feels like living in the desert. And when the mobile of this hobby is lost or stolen, the sky breaks and it falls on the head.

Because this mobile has your hobby Facebook account, Twitter account, Instagram account, Gmail account, audio, video, and many more. As a result, we are worried that if this rogue comes to a rogue person, he can do anything illegal.

Today in this post I will tell you how to delete data from lost or stolen devices. I hope you find this post useful.

lost my phone how to logout Facebook id

When we lose our phones, most of us worry about the security of our Facebook ID.So today I will show you how to logout Facebook id from a lost android phone and not just a stolen phone, if someone else has logged in to your Facebook id then all IDs will be logged out.

facebook login chrome browser

Step1: First you need to login to the Facebook app or chrome browser with another mobile.

facebook app settings

Step2: Now click on the Settings option.

facebook security and login settings

Step3: After entering the settings option, go down a little and click on the Security and Login option.

facebook choose friends to contacts if you get locked out

Step 4: Enter the Security and Login option and look a little below where you're Login-in.After that, if you click on the see more option,

you will see that with the Android phone or browser, you will see all the information of the medium from which your Facebook id has been logged.

From here you will see the model of your lost phone. moreover, if you see the model number of any other mobile, go down a little and click Log out of all Sessions, then facebook id will be logged out from all mobiles.

Also, before clicking Log out of all Sessions, see if it shows any other model or mobile name other than your mobile model.

For example: - Your mobile was Samsung galaxy grand prime, But below if the hey model shows such as: - Lenovo a2010, windows pc shows such model. However, change your Facebook account password. Because this model's mobile is not yours

And if you see that you have logged in Facebook id with all the models or mobiles with other names, then there is no need to change the password.

how to remove Gmail id Lost android Mobile

We are worried about the lost or stolen mobile with Gmail id. Because this Gmail account is logged on our smartphone and this Gmail is connected to our various ideas.

As a result, if this mobile is misused by another person or sees all the information from the mobile, then there can be any problem. So notice the following procedure on how to logout of this Gmail id from another mobile.

google chrome search screenshot

Step 1: You can use any browser on mobile but the chrome browser is better.

google chrome desktop mode android

Step2: Now move your chrome browser to desktop mode. Then log in to Gmail id with a password.

google chrome gmail id area

Step3: Now click on your Gmail id icon and then click manage your Google Account.

google chrome gmail account security issues found

Step4: Now go to the Home option a little below Security Check-Up.

google chrome gmail account security checkup

Step5: You can see many options by clicking on Security Check-Up, if you click on Your Devices from here, your Gmail id will show the name of the mobile with all the models of the mobile that is logged in.

how to see gmail account your device

Delete your stolen mobile from there. Moreover, if you see the number of any other mobile or mod and this model's mobile is not yours, then change the Gmail id password


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