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We make that mistake by buying cheap quality android mobile-(2021)

Mobile is a daily necessity for the present generation. The higher the price of the mobile, the more the consumer is attracted to it, and here are some mistakes made by some consumers.

So guys today's post is about the mistake that We Make By Buying Cheap Quality Android Mobile, read the whole post to know the complete information, and let us know in the comments how you like this post.

We Make That Mistake By Buying a Copy Mobile From The Same Company

In addition to the iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, there are many other well-known expensive companies that are waiting for the release of New Mobiles, so many consumers rush to buy as soon as the Mobile Market.

And many of these companies have High Prices and many buyers are not able to buy them because they are interested, so they make a mistake by buying a Copy of this name mobile.

In the present world, in addition to Facebook, many copies of mobile are available on various Social Media. For example, if the price of the iPhone 12 pro is the US $ 1,585.55, you will see that you are getting this mobile on the Facebook phase or 100US 100 in different places.

Moreover, it will present information about this Mobile in such a way that you will be able to buy this mobile.

If you look at this Copy Mobile, you will not understand whether the real or fake mobile will have the same function and setup. As a result, getting a Mobile Phone at such a low price means that you will make a mistake in buying it.

Now let's see where the problem is, the copy mobile looks like the Original and the setup is the same so why don't you buy this mobile?

Copy mobiles use very Low-Quality Equipment and you will not get the kind of service that you get in real mobiles. And the packet of the mobile will have more written about the extra benefits, but in fact, none of it will work. And even with this facility, it will work very low quality.

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The way we buy fake mobiles on a low budget is a mistake

But some unscrupulous traders sell these Fake Mobiles in the market as genuine. To attract mobile phone packet buyers, Ram, Rom, Camera Megapixel are written with more value.

As a result, many consumers buy brides in this mind, since there is a large amount of Ram, Rom, Camera Megapixel, then this Mobile Quality and service will be better.

The fact is that what is written in the packet is not inside the mobile. After using the mobile for a few days, you will see that the problem with the mobile has started.

The more software you install and the more software you use, the weaker the mobile will work. Moreover, at some point, you will realize that 30% of the amount of ROM provided does not work.

And when it comes to Camera Megapixel, the quality of picture or video with Megapixel is completely different. The higher the Megapixel, the larger the image quality. How clear the Image does not depend on the megapixel.

When you go to check the Camera Megapixel or everything else in the mobile setting, you will see that everything is written in the Mobile Packet, but in fact, their quality is low and the software is seen on the mobile.

So there are many Better Mobiles at a lower price than buying fake mobiles by looking at everything more at a lower price which if you buy you may not get the same services as expensive mobiles but you will not get fake low-quality services.


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