Jarugandi (2018) Tamil Movie in Hindi Dubbed Brilliant Khiladi Confirm Information

Jarugandi (2018) Tamil Movie in Hindi Dubbed Brilliant Khiladi

Hello friends, today I have come to you with the information about another old Tamil movie dubbed in Hindi. Where you can watch this movie, and you will find all kinds of information about this movie in this post. So read the post to know the complete information.

Some information about Jarugandi ( Tamil Movie in Hindi dubbed Brilliant Khiladi )

Jarugandi is an Indian Tamil language comedy and action film. This movie was released on 26 October 2018 and this movie is directed and written by A. N. Pitchumani. The movie stars Jai in the lead role and Reba Monica John as the co-actress. The movie received a 5.4 / 10 rating on IMDb and 86% of Google users liked the movie.

If you like comedy movies, you can watch this movie. Because this movie has a lot of comedy to make you happy.

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Jarugandi in Tamil to Hindi Dubbed Movie ( Brilliant Khiladi )

The movie Jarugandi has already been made available in Hindi dubbed on YouTube on 27 December 2019. This movie is available in 2019 from Tamil to Hindi dubbed Brilliant Khiladi on the New Age Cinema YouTube channel.

Those who have not seen this movie till now can go to the New Age Cinema YouTube channel and watch this movie.

Story of Jarugandi ( Tamil Movie in Hindi dubbed Brilliant Khiladi)

The protagonist of the movie Sathya lives in a lower middle-class family and opens a travel agency to earn money from the troubles of living. For the travel agency, he obtained fake documents from Samuel and threatened to pay him and his friend Rs 10 lakh in two days if a police officer found out.

Rich Gajendran, who is madly in love with Keerthy, offers to give them 10 lakh if ​​they help him succeed in his love. This forces Sathya and her friend Keerthy to be abducted and Keerthy later escapes from them.

Later in the day athSathya and her friend are kidnapped by the villains of the movie and when Sathya escapes from their hands they catch her friend. The villains in the movie threaten Sathya to kill her friend if Keerthy is not handed over to them. Sathya then sets out to find Keerthy to save her friend. Check out this movie to know who was at the end of the movie and the real story of the movie.

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