10 Best Bengali Cartoon Channels on YouTube in 2023

Bangla cartoon channels have now gained a lot of popularity on YouTube in recent times from kids to people of all ages. As time goes on, the habit of watching cartoons on YouTube is increasing day by day. In today’s article, you will get detailed information about the top 10 Bengali cartoon YouTube channels:

Image source: Sony AATH


Sony AATH channel is a family drama and animation show Indian television channel. This channel joined YouTube on November 13, 2013. Currently, the channel has more than 19.2 million subscribers.

Although this channel is not completely a Bengali cartoon channel, it is famous for the Gopal Bhar cartoon and several other cartoon characters. Every day new Bengali cartoon stories videos are uploaded on this YouTube channel.

Popular cartoons on the Sony AATH channel are Gopal Bhar, Lullu Bhuter Golpo, Nut Boltu, Hing Ting Chhot, Thakurmar Jhuli, Panchotantrer Montro, Mahabharat, Nix – Je Sob Pare, Gulte Mama, and Dui Buri.

Bengali Fairy Tales
Image source: Bengali Fairy Tales

Bengali Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales cartoon channel is a very popular worldwide YouTube channel. In many countries of the world including the Bengali language, this company uploads the video stories of their channels dubbed in many languages. The location of this channel is United Arab Emirates and it makes cartoon videos on the stories of European countries.

This channel in the Bengali language joined YouTube on 4 June 2016. Currently, this channel has 8.17 million subscribers and has uploaded more than 599 videos. On this channel, princes, princesses, and various cartoon stories are uploaded regularly.

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Ssoftoons Animation cartoon
Image source: Ssoftoons Animation

Ssoftoons Animation

Among the Bengali YouTube cartoon channels, the most popular cartoon company is Ssoftoons Animation. This YouTube channel was created on 3 July 2015. As of 2023, the current number of subscribers of the channel is above 5.25 million. Also, the channel has uploaded more than 340 Bengali cartoon videos.

Several cartoon characters of Ssoftoons Animation have become popular among the audience and these are Lullu BHOOT, TOONI, Buddhu, and Monda-Mithhai. In addition, cartoons about princes, kings and queens, magic, and various ghost stories are constantly uploaded on this channel. Ssoftoons cartoon is so popular that it has several YouTube channels in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada dubbed languages.

Below is the list of names of how many YouTube channels this channel has in the Bengali language:

Channel NameSubscribersJoinedVideos
Chena Ochena Golpo চেনা অচেনা গল্প323K 17 June 2022102+
Ssoftoons Golpoguccho4.08M11 January 2020401+
Ssoftoons Haste Mana725K15 August 2020257+
Lullu Bhooter Golpo51.2K27 March 202322+
Ssoftoons Haste Mana725K15 August 2020257+

DawsenTv – Bengali Stories & Rhymes
Image source: DawsenTv – Bengali Stories & Rhymes

DawsenTv – Bengali Stories & Rhymes

It is difficult to find a person in Bangladesh or India who has not seen DawsenTv’s Thakurmar Jhuli cartoon. At one time when YouTube was not much used, this cartoon was sold in large quantities in the local market in the form of CD and DVD discs.

Thakurmar Jhuli is a fairy tale cartoon that is loved by people of all ages. Joined DawsenTv – Bengali Stories & Rhymes channel on YouTube on May 28, 2013. Currently, this channel has 3.28 million subscribers and 951 cartoon videos uploaded.

The last video uploaded to this channel was on June 12, 2021. Currently, it has been almost two years that no new cartoon videos are being uploaded on this YouTube channel. However, it is expected that new cartoons may be uploaded on this channel in the future. Also, Thakurmar Jhuli cartoon in Hindi dubbed Language can be seen on Dawsen Tv Indian -Dadima ki stories and Rhymes youtube channel.

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Koo Koo TV - Bengali
Image source: Koo Koo TV – Bengali

Koo Koo TV – Bengali

Koo Koo TV – Bengali is an entertaining cartoon story YouTube channel. Here every few days new interesting stories are uploaded through colorful animations. This channel joined YouTube on January 12, 2018.

As of 2023 this channel currently has 5.19 million subscribers and more than 942 videos uploaded. Besides Bengali, Koo Koo TV uploads cartoon videos in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam dubbed languages on separate channels. In the future, this channel will dub its cartoons in English and many other languages.

Sony YAY! Bangla
Image Source: Sony YAY! Bangla

Sony YAY! Bangla

Sony YAY! Bangla is an Indian comedy, animation, jokes, action, adventure, and entertainment cartoons YouTube channel. It joined YouTube on December 11, 2018, and daily cartoon videos are uploaded here.

Currently, as of 2023, the channel has 1.61 million subscribers and more than 645 videos uploaded. In addition to Bengali, Sony YAY has separate channels on YouTube in Hindi, Tamil Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, and English.

The popular cartoon characters of Sony YAY! Bangla channel are: Paap-O-Meter, Taarak Mehta Kka Chhota Chashmah, Honey Bunny, Bhoot Boss Diaries, Guru Aur Bhole, And Kicko and Super Speedo.

Maasranga Kids
Image Source: Maasranga Kids

Maasranga Kids

Maasranga Kids is a Bangladeshi cartoon television channel. This channel joined YouTube on April 5, 2022. Here Puppet Show and Nickelodeon’s popular cartoons Motu Patlu and Shiva are available in Bengali dubbed language. Currently, Maasranga Kids has 1.55 million subscribers and 1.2K+ video uploads.

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Jibonto Animation
Image Source: Jibonto Animation

Jibonto Animation

Jibonto Animation is a Bengali language 2D animation YouTube channel. Cartoon videos of mysterious ghost stories are uploaded here after a few days. It joined YouTube on September 15, 2013. The channel currently has more than 106 cartoon videos uploaded with 1.21 million subscribers.

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Maha Cartoon TV Bangla
Image Source: Maha Cartoon TV Bangla

Maha Cartoon TV Bangla

Maha Cartoon TV Bangla is an Indian popular cartoon channel that joined YouTube on June 26, 2018. Currently, this channel has 771K subscribers and 263 cartoon videos uploaded. Here stories of Rakkhosh – Rakkhoshi, Shakchuni, horror, and ghosts are video available. They also have separate cartoon channels in English, Telugu, Tamil, and Punjabi languages.

Image Source: TOYZ TV BANGLA


TOYZ TV is an Indian Bengali cartoon YouTube channel. The cartoon production company on this channel is ANIMATRIX MULTIMEDIA, which has been the most acclaimed animation studio producing cartoons since 1999.

Here the stories of Chander Buri O Magicman published on Sundays on Zee Bangla Television 8-10 years ago have been recreated and uploaded. Moreover, the popular cartoon character named Nosuda in this series is now known here as GOPUDA and new episodes are being uploaded constantly.

Also, PURAN KATHA, PAGLA DASHUR, RAMAYAN, and fairy tales can be found here. This channel joined YouTube on July 13, 2017, and has uploaded over 262 videos. This channel has a YouTube channel in Hindi called TOYZ TV HINDI.

Conclusion: If you like this article then definitely subscribe to this channel. More Bangla cartoon information will be shared here in the future.

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