Indian Youtuber Param Singh Accepted Islam

Popular Indian Indian Young Youtuber Param Singh Accepted Islam. On 2 April 2023, he released a video of 08.11 minutes and confirmed that he had embraced Islam. He regularly prays five times a day and fasts.

What he says in this video: Param Singh says yes I have accepted Islam. He said that when I used to make Islamic videos, many people said that I used to do it for views. Actually, to be honest, in the beginning, I used to make Islamic videos to earn views and money.

All the Islamic Reaction videos on YouTube are created only for viewing and financial display. When a non-Muslim makes a video like this, most of the viewers are non-Muslims. After that, he explained several hadiths of Prophet Muhammad.

He also said that I have been researching Islam for 2 years and this year it will be 3 years. In the beginning, when I was making Islamic videos, many Muslims said in the comments, Brother, accept Islam. Then I thought that religion is my desire, why do they say these things?

He then beautifully explained the interpretation of several Hasidic lines. Param ‍Singh also said that many people questioned me about accepting Islam, but I always avoided this issue. Because then I did not have the courage to face my parents and anyone. But I had faith in my heart.

My mind accepted it, but I am telling you when I accepted it in my mouth, “Yes, this is true, I have accepted Islam.” He also said that after receiving this news, you may be very happy. Don’t forget to congratulate me in the comment section.

This Indian YouTuber also said that Islam is not a religion, it is the best way to live life. The best way to live life cannot be found anywhere other than in Islam. People say that there are many fanatics in Islam, five times prayer required. Friends, Alhamdulillah I prayed five times and because of this, I was saved from many sins. After that, he shared much more information about Islam in this video.

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How Param Singh Accepted ISLAM?

Two days after uploading the first video, on April 4, he uploaded another video of 25.52 minutes and Talk about how Param Singh was accepting Islam.

What he says in this video: Param Singh says I was a child of a Hindu Sikh family. All Gods were worshiped in our house. When I was young, I was taught by my parents to be a man and to respect every human being. I believe it is because of this education that I have come to know the truth and accepted Islam today.

He also said that I have seen my father helping many poor people since childhood. If anyone had any problem, I would see my father helping him. And this teaching is in Islam.

Many may ask that my father looks like Sardar, so how can you be a Hindu Sikh? In fact, all religions were respected in our family, and all religious places were visited.

My parents taught me to respect all religions and the Koran says exactly the same that all religions must be respected. The Qur’an also says not to speak ill of the Creator of other religions, for they may speak ill of your Lord.

How Param Singh Got To Know About Islam?

In the beginning, when he made Islamic Reaction videos, these videos got many views compared to other videos. Then a reaction video of Param Singh’s first Ertugrul Ghazi series ottoman vs Byzantine went viral.

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Then he started watching the Ertugrul Ghazi series to create video content and his idea about Islam changed completely. He said that earlier he thought that Muslim meant Pakistan, terrorism, violence, etc. Because then he had no idea about Islam.

This Indian Youtuber then talks about some of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad. He used to say that he learned about Islam while making Islamic videos for money. After accepting Islam, his life changed completely.

When Param Singh accepted Islam?

Param Singh converted to Islam in 2022 in the month of Ramadan. This time he was very happy and he can never forget this moment. He did not inform anyone about the change of religion. He said that this matter was only limited between Allah and him.

Param Singh Muslim Name After Revert ?

Param Singh April 6 uploaded a video on his official YouTube channel Reverted Muslim – Param. And he said he didn’t change his name. Because his name Param means the best and there is no Shirk in this name. He further said that after converting to Islam, I have to change my name and since I do not have a Shirk in this name, I have decided not to change my name.

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