Messi Sent Bangladeshi Fan Motin a Jersey as a Gift

About 9 years ago, Motin, who lost both his arms and legs while pulling Argentina’s flag in love with Lionel Messi, received a Messi jersey as a gift.

Some loves have no interest, only sacrifice, and sacrifice. Abdul Motin of Feni has lost two precious parts of their life by loving Lionel Messi’s team. Even so, there is no complaint against the beloved team.

This Feni youth has been supporting his favorite team for years. This crazy fan was able to attract the attention of the country concerned with his various activities in support of the Albiceleste on the occasion of the World Cup in Qatar.

In continuation of that, he received an invitation from the foreign minister of the Argentine government to visit Dhaka. Messi’s country’s foreign minister, Santiago Cafiero, arrived in Dhaka on a three-day visit on February 27 (Monday).

During this visit, Motin was invited to the opening ceremony of the Argentine Embassy in Bangladesh. He said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albiceleste contacted him through the mail.

He came to Dhaka to attend this event and received a Messi jersey as a gift. During the last 2022 World Cup in Qatar, several media outlets in Bangladesh published news about this incident.

The government of Argentina came to know about Abdul Motin. He was also reported in the media of that country. As a result, this Messi fan finally received an official invitation from the Argentine government.

What is the cause of the loss of the arms and legs of Messi fan Motin?

Motin said he had an aluminum pipe in his hand, which had a flag of Bangladesh and Argentina on it. When he went to plant this flag, one of his friends called him. Then he was talking with the pipe in his hand and while talking this aluminum pipe got accidentally connected with a 33000 thousand-bolt current. His two arms and legs were amputated as a result of this accident.

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